Aims and Objectives

The Agency is established by the Government of Goa to achieve the following aims and objects through its administrative set up:-

1.To suggest various measures to the Government of Goa and the Government of India to uplift the living conditions in urban area of the state especially that of the urban poor, backward the weaker sections.

2.To frame schemes for overall improvement in urban areas and submit the same to Central and State Government so as to receive financial assistance for their implementation by the Agency.

3.To implement and execute the various schemes of the State and/or Central Government like Swarna Jayanti Sahari Rojgar Yojana etc. for the civic and economic development in urban areas, either itself or through Municipal Councils of the state.

4. To receive grants from the State and the Central Government for the maintenance of administrative set up of the Agency, incur expenditure for the overall development of urban areas and to see that such grants are utilized properly.

5.To accept donations/contributions from any sources and utilize them for achieving the objectives of the Agency and for strengthening its financial position.

6. To enter into any trade and business and invest the surplus money with the aim of earning profits for strengthening the financial position of the Agency and spend them for achieving the aims and objects of the Agency.

7. To do everything necessary as it deems fit with the aim of bringing about the overall development of the urban people especially the backward urban area and urban weaker sections.